• Thermovision measurements

    Thermovision measurements

Thermovision measurements

– this is the most accurate and state-of-the-art method to show if there are areas of heat loss. This examination is completely non-invasive, during which thermograms (photographs of object temperatures) are taken. They make it possible to effectively locate any thermal inconsistencies (thermal bridges), and to plan future actions aimed at reducing heat losses. These examinations are best performed in the winter season, when the temperature outside fluctuates around -5 degrees C and inside the building/rooms around +20 degrees C.

An additional advantage of performing thermograms is the detection of moisture, which can have a destructive impact on the quality of building materials and reduce their thermal insulation.

Our specialists will help to detect all abnormalities in your building, and will answer all your questions related to the examination.

Thermovision measurements

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