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What is recuperation?

Recuperation is a mechanical ventilation system that enables heat recoveryfrom room ventilation. It is a solution that allows you to save on heating buildings. In what way?

  1. The recuperator takes the used air lingering in the rooms and exchanges it for air from outside.
  2. At the same time it filters the incoming air, ridding it of dust and impurities. It makes it healthy, clean and fresh.
  3. On the other hand, from dirty (polluted) air, the recuperator recovers heat, which is used for space heating.

The operation of a recuperator thus boils down to the exchange of used air for fresh air and the recovery of heat generated in the ventilation process. According to research results, mechanical ventilation recuperation allows reducing the costs of heating by up to 30%.

Recuperation – price and quality from PROWABLE

Of course for the best results it is worth choosing a recommended recuperation system. In Kalisz and the surrounding area you will benefit from PROWABLE’s offer, which includes both the purchase of the device and its installation. The quality of our recuperators deserves special attention. We choose products from recommended brands reQnet and PRANA. In addition, we use reliable PE-FLEX ventilation pipes.

These devices operate on simple principles, are practically maintenance-free (auto mode) and do not require constant user control. They rid the air of impurities, viruses and bacteria. They are a great alternative to traditional ventilation by opening windows. They prevent the loss of heat and fresh, conditioned air. In addition, they remove excess moisture, eliminating the evaporation of glass and the risk of mould and mildew.

How much does it cost? Visit our photovoltaic calculator or contact a PROWABLE advisor. We will propose a solution tailored to your needs and budget.

Recuperation in Kalisz and surroundings

If you are looking for a trusted recuperation company in Kalisz, PROWABLE will be a hit. We provide high quality equipment and its proper installation. 

The recuperator produces sound, which is why it is most often installed in unused attics and away from places that are supposed to remain quiet, such as the boiler room, garage, utility room. Ventilation ducts are distributed in invisible zones. The layout of the ducts and the location of the recuperator will depend on the installation chosen and the layout of the building.

Not only the place of installation is of great importance, but also the choice of equipment with the right power. Only then can you be sure that ventilation will be effective and energy-efficient. Unfortunately, a recuperator that is too weak may not ventilate the room sufficiently.

Recuperation from PROWABLE: positive feedback and trust

Don’t take Jeżeli risk and choose a company that takes care of everything from start to finish. By choosing our services, you gain:

  • A type of system tailored perfectly to your needs.
  • Contact with professional advisors.
  • Atractive offer.
  • Competent service.
  • High quality reQnet and PRANA products. 

Please feel free to contact our staff – we will be happy to answer your questions! 

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