What are the best heat pumps?

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What are the best heat pumps?

When looking for convenient and cheap heating systems, we increasingly opt for heat pumps. This is fully justified, mainly because the prices of traditional fuels are getting higher every year. It is difficult to predict what they will be like in the coming years. It is estimated that currently around two thirds of all costs of maintaining a building are costs incurred for its heating.

What are the best heat pumps? There is no clear answer to this question, as every building and its needs are different. A heat pump extracts energy from the environment (air, ground or water) and transfers it to the central heating system. This results in clean and environmentally friendly energy with low operating costs. The energy obtained can be used to heat the building, heat domestic water and cool rooms in summer. However, there are several basic types of heat pumps, as there are several sources from which the pump can extract this heat.

Types of heat pumps

The first is an air-to-air heat pump (split or monoblock), which extracts energy from the air outside the building and then uses this heat to heat heating water and domestic hot water.

The second type of pump is a ground source heat pump (with a horizontal or vertical heat exchanger), which uses energy from the ground as the heat source. This type of pump is characterised by the highest efficiency – it can easily be the only source of heating for a building.

There are also air-to-water heat pumps. These extract energy from the air outside the building using a refrigerant and, after it is compressed, use the heat to heat the heating water and DHW.

Our qualified employees will help you choose the most optimal solution. However, regardless of which type of pump you decide on, we can assure you that the devices manufactured today are a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly source of heat. In addition, they will significantly reduce your bills.




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