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Photovoltaics for the farmer

Modern farm. Photovoltaics for the farmer.

Experts point out that photovoltaics is becoming an increasingly profitable investment for farmers. The most important reason is the constantly increasing price of electricity, which generates higher costs of maintaining a farm. Technical progress and mechanisation of modern agriculture make RES one of the best ways to improve production and multiply profits.

  • Coraz więcej maszyn działa z wykorzystaniem energii elektrycznej. Często jej koszt wynosi nawet 20% całkowitych kosztów ponoszonych przez gospodarstwo rolne. 

Obtaining free electricity from photovoltaic installations is an excellent alternative to energy from the grid. The investment pays for itself quickly (after about 5 years). It is a cost-effective solution that reduces electricity prices to a minimum and offers savings all year round. It gives you the chance to achieve energy independence for many generations, protecting your farm from constant price rises.

Why is photovoltaics in agriculture worthwhile?

Energy from solar panels reduces electricity prices to a minimum. It gives profit not only to large companies and multi-hectare farms, but also to small ones. The power of the panels, which is matched to the actual needs of the farm, provides a sufficient, ideal amount of energy. Any unused energy can be fed back into the grid and used when it is needed.

The savings for farmers from photovoltaics offer many new opportunities. The money saved can be used to develop the farm by investing in new machinery and technology.

In addition, a farm using panels has a positive impact on the environment. As we know, ecology is directly connected with agricultural production. Therefore, RES in the case of farmers gives both financial, ecological and image benefits.

Funding for photovoltaics for farmers

What further motivates the installation of photovoltaic panels in agriculture are subsidies and reliefs. One of the possibilities of obtaining assistance in financing the investment is, for example, the possibility of deducting part of the eligible costs from agricultural tax. If you account for agricultural tax, according to Article 13 of the Agricultural Tax Act 2017 (Journal of Laws 2016, item 617) you can deduct 25% of the value of your investment in installing panels. This gives you the opportunity to be exempt from paying agricultural tax for up to 15 years!

For more information and assistance in obtaining funding, please contact our advisors.

Photovoltaics for farmer in Kalisz and surroundings

PROWABLE is a professional photovoltaics for farmers in Kalisz and surrounding areas. Do you run a farm and are interested in installing panels? We will offer you products from Polish, proven manufacturers. All with a 20-year warranty period.

We will conduct an audit and offer free consultations. With us you will also choose the best possible subsidy programme. We offer advice and assistance both on practical and substantive issues. Do you have any additional questions? Call us or write an e-mail!


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We help with financing!

PROWABLE employees will help you take advantage of aid programs that can largely cover investment costs. This will enable faster return on investment costs and allow you to enjoy savings in electricity or heating bills.

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