Advantages of having air conditioning. Is air conditioning healthy? How do I maintain my air conditioning?

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Advantages of having air conditioning

Although so far air-conditioning installations were mainly connected with cooling office and shop spaces, nowadays the air-conditioning industry has developed significantly to such an extent that air-conditioners have become commonplace also in houses and flats or offices. Modern air conditioners not only cool, but also heat, dehumidify and purify the air, creating a microclimate most favourable for humans.


 Does air conditioning affect health ?

What are the advantages of having air conditioning ? There are many myths about air conditioners and their impact on health. It should be noted, however, that a properly installed and used air-conditioning system is not only harmless but can also have a positive impact on our health. It turns out that installing air-conditioning in a house or flat can be a very good solution, for example, for allergy sufferers and other people with breathing problems. Modern air-conditioners have numerous functions, which allow for effective control of their operation. Thanks to air conditioning, the user has the possibility of full control over the parameters of air in the room. Therefore, air conditioning does not only have a positive influence on the comfort of staying in a given place, but also on the health of people staying there.

Installing air-conditioning makes it possible to maintain the desired temperature and air humidity. Too dry and warm air has a negative impact on the condition of eyes and throat, reducing their natural moisture content. Persons staying in rooms with disturbed air parameters are exposed to annoying scratching in the throat area and burning eyes.


How to maintain an air conditioner?

So what should be done to ensure that the air conditioner works flawlessly for many years and has a positive effect on the health of its users?

First of all, air conditioners should be cleaned regularly, following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Frequent filter cleaning has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the device and therefore also on our health. Modern air conditioners often have a self-cleaning function, which cleans the evaporator and exchanger from deposits of dirt.

Another very important aspect is air conditioning maintenance. Regular maintenance of an air-conditioning system significantly affects its efficiency and indirectly also the health of users. Below we will present which activities can be performed by the user himself, and which are better left to specialists.


What are the responsibilities of the user?

The main responsibilities of the user are cleaning and maintenance. Because the consequences of using an uncleaned air conditioner can affect not only your household budget but also your health. In every air conditioner there is a constant exchange of air. With its flow, all the dirt, bacteria and germs settle mainly on the internal filters. If we forget to clean or change these filters, instead of breathing fresh, purified air with the right parameters, we introduce unwanted contaminants back into the room. Unclean devices are not able to clean the air of pollen, dust and other microorganisms and to cool or heat the air properly. When this happens, air conditioners run noisier, consume much more energy, can emit unpleasant smells and wear out much faster. To prevent this, servicing should be done at least twice a year (ideally before and after the season).

Air conditioner maintenance should mainly cover filters, condenser, evaporator, controllers, system connections, ducts and insulation. This should be done by specialists. On the other hand, the user can clean or filter and remove dirt from the external parts of the air conditioners himself. Most air conditioners have easy access to the filters, so replacing them should not be too difficult for the user. They are usually located under the front panel, which simply needs to be opened and the filter replaced. In the case of reusable filters, it is best to clean them with a hoover or warm water. This work should be done about once a month, although some air conditioners will signal the need to change the filter in time with a message on the display.


How to clean the air conditioner ?

Without using detergents, the user can also wash the external panel of the unit or the condensation tray. If there is visible dirt at the air inlet and outlet, remove it only with a dry cloth. Cleaning agents and detergents may be harmful to your health and cause the air conditioner to malfunction. It is better to leave the cleaning of the rest of the air conditioner, especially its interior, to a specialist.

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