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Heat pumps

Professional heat pumps. Why invest in them?

Heat pumps are considered to be the most efficient and cost-effective way to insulate your home. They are most often said to be environmentally friendly, but this is only one of their numerous advantages. Firstly, a properly selected device significantly reduces energy consumption costs. Secondly, they can operate without failure for up to 50 years. Thirdly, the pumps can also be combined with other heating installations, such as solar panels or furnaces, which further reduces energy bills.

The most important advantages of heat pumps from PROWABLE are:

  • Low operating costs – in the case of a family of 3-4 people, the daily cost of heating water will be approximately 0,96 PLN.
  • Low investment costs – no need to install additional components (e.g. flue system).
  • Safety – the pump does not require any fuel, thus eliminating the risk of explosion.  
  • Ecology – does not pollute the environment.
  • Maintenance – the unit is 100% electric and fully automated.
  • Multifunctionality – it heats in winter, cools in summer and can also dehumidify the air e.g. in a laundry or drying room.


How does a heat pump work? Heating and cooling

The way a heat pump works is quite simple. It is a low-temperature heating device that uses thermal energy from water, earth and air. Inside it, physical changes such as evaporation, compression, condensation and expansion take place. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to electric, gas or oil heating. 

This type of equipment can both heat and cool. In the latter case, it draws air from an area, then cools it by a few degrees and blows it into another area. Air-source heat pumps have both these functions. For that, only some, ground source heat pump models include a cooling option. For the others, a separate passive or active module must be purchased.

The price of a heat pump. A cost that pays for itself

The most doubtful question is the cost of the equipment. Yes, the price of a heat pump is not the lowest. Such equipment represents a rather large, but one-time expensewhich pays for itself in the form of lower energy bills. A heat pump is an investment that in the long run turns out to be an extremely economical solution. Its secret lies in its cheap operation. According to calculations, for a 150-200 m2 house, the annual cost of heating and hot water (domestic hot water) can be as high as (domestic hot water) may amount only from 1500 to 2000 PLN.

It is also possible to reduce the installation costs by applying for a non-refundable grant. For more information on this topic, please visit our website at Subsidies.

Heat pumps – Kalisz and surroundings. Choose a trusted company

PROWABLE offers professional heat pumps in Kalisz and surrounding areas. We sell high quality equipment that will give you a quick return on your investment. .

Our team consists of experienced experts only. They are happy to offer advice and assistance in choosing the best possible solution. Whether you are determined to make a purchase or would like to find out more about renewable energy sources, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In order to quickly check if such investment will be profitable, we have created photovoltaic calculator online. It is a simple tool that will allow you to quickly estimate potential costs. You can also take advantage of a free consultation with a PROWABLE advisor if needed. We provide a free photovoltaic audit.

We help with financing!

PROWABLE employees will help you take advantage of aid programs that can largely cover investment costs. This will enable faster return on investment costs and allow you to enjoy savings in electricity or heating bills.

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