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As PROWABLE, we have been operating in the RES industry since 2020. Renewable energy sources are our future, which we want to get customers used to today.

The installations we offer provide a huge number of possibilities, a chance to save money, and all this with relatively low operating costs.

Our professional staff consists of people with appropriate qualifications and experience. With their help we select the technically and economically best equipment, such as heat pumps, air conditioners and photovoltaic panels. We then provide our customers with as many benefits as possible through their appropriate deployment. We always install new solutions in accordance with our customers’ personal preferences. However, when we see better suggestions, we provide expert advice..

In response to our customers’ needs, we also assist them in obtaining subsidies. We are able to provide them with participation in one of the many subsidy programmes we recognise, which entails additional savings.

We also provide maintenance services. In case of any problems, we will take care of repairs, maintenance and service of air conditioning, photovoltaic installations, recuperation and heat pumps. In addition, we provide thermal imaging services.

We guarantee reasonable prices, competent service and services at the highest level. 

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