Advantages of having a heat pump

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What is a heat pump?

Heat pumps are energy-efficient devices used to heat a building and to heat water. Although the cost of installation seems rather high, considering the relatively low costs of operating the pump, it pays for itself very quickly. Therefore, heat pumps are gaining more and more supporters. Among other reasons, because they are cheap to operate and environmentally friendly, but they also have many other advantages. Check out the most important advantages of having a heat pump in your house!

What are the advantages of having a heat pump?

The main advantages of owning a heat pump include maintenance-free operation. A properly selected pump is practically self-maintaining. It does not require any type of fuel, cleaning or firing up the cooker. Their operation does not require user supervision. What is more, they remain the safest way of heating any facility. The safe use of a heat pump is ensured by the fact that it does not need any fuel to operate. As a result, the user does not have to be afraid of suffocation or explosion, which may occur in the case of oil, gas or fuel installations.

An additional advantage of heat pumps is undoubtedly their low operating cost. Currently, installing a heat pump for hot water is the cheapest way of obtaining it. Research shows that during optimum use of a heat pump by a family of 3-4 people, the daily cost of heating water is around 0,96 PLN. Even during the construction of a new house, deciding to install a heat pump can significantly save on investment costs by not having to build e.g. a flue gas discharge system. What is more, if we resign from a gas boiler in favour of a pump, we do not have to bring gas to the building and make a gas connection, which is usually connected with incurring certain fees. Also, when switching from a solid fuel boiler to a heat pump, space is saved as there is no need for storage space.

In addition, a heat pump is a device that can be powered by energy produced from its own photovoltaic installation. This is very economical because the amount of electricity required to power the pump is small. Another advantage of installing a heat pump is ecology. No exhaust fumes are produced where the pump is operated, so we do not pollute the environment.

Another advantage of heat pumps is the quick and easy installation of the device and its small size. A heat pump may be installed in practically any room such as a technical room, utility room, kitchen or laundry room. There is also no need to build a fuel tank (oil or gas) and periodically check its condition.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the possibility to use heat pumps for cooling rooms in summer. They can draw air from a certain area and blow it (after cooling by a few degrees) into another area. An additional advantage is dehumidification of humid rooms, which is particularly useful in winter.


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